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Leslie Bell (b. 1947 Lanarkshire Scotland) lived in his boyhood on Tyneside, in Finland, and in Scotland. He studied in Washington D.C. in the U.S.A. where, learning that Dante had written La Vita Nuova, he decided to 'read' English Literature instead of History at King’s College, Cambridge.

As an honours graduate, he made an educational filmstrip on Elizabethan theatres, sold ice cream, worked as a hospital porter, auxiliary nurse, carpenter and plasterer, potato salesman, English teacher, drama student, printer, bookshop assistant, systems programmer in university web support and e-learning, and support worker with autistic adults. He is the editor of a poetry imprint, Mica Press and Campanula Books, in Wivenhoe, Essex.

His poems have appeared in the magazines Pawn, Wicked Messenger, The Other Sock, The Rialto, Words Down The Line and the anthology Days begin... (ed. Peter Kennedy, Wivenbooks, 2016).

Archipelagos, poems by Leslie Bell, is available as a paperback book or as an e-book on Amazon. It can be ordered from bookshops, or purchased online from Mica Press.


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